My Investment Philosophy

My investment approach is based on the primary philosophy of protection of your capital, while achieving a reasonable rate of return over the long term based on your stated dreams and goals. My philosophy is based on the portfolio management process of asset allocation. I feel that through our defined asset rebalancing methodology, we can take advantage of the volatility in the markets, protect investment capital and achieve a reasonable rate of return. As an experienced Financial Advisor my investment philosophy involves providing customized investment portfolios for clients with a diversified, tactical or strategic core. This gives my team the ability to make asset-class changes allowing us to take advantage of market shifts. I also believe in complimenting these portfolio cores by selecting proven investments that will further enhance returns on the upside, while also protecting returns on the downside. These components are rebalanced as necessary to keep the portfolio's asset allocation in line relative to long-term returns. I further believe that focusing on quality companies that pay dividends. Canadian content is important, but I always try to keep an eye on the rest of the world. Whether it be for the purpose of income, value or growth; we look to invest at a reasonable price. 

At the heart of my philosophy and part of my disciplined approach is to serve my clients not just invest. I believe in regular communication with my clients and my team to make sure everyone is working toward the same goals. My communication philosophy matches each and every client. My team and I take to heart understanding your concerns and requests. The connections I make with my clients are reflected in various methods such emails, newsletters, quarterly reporting, phone calls and even holiday and birthday wishes. 

Our team is a group of client focused financial service professionals with decades of experience in the financial services industry. We believe that experience and know-how matters. Our clients financial well-being is our focus. Our team will always respect the task at hand and the client we serve. I enjoy assisting a select group of families and businesses to feel confident about their financial choices.