Client Testimonials

"My long-time financial advisor retired; I needed to find someone to give my mother and myself advice that also would monitor investments and take the time to be caring and careful. I found Phil Jackson. It has been a good decision as he has provided me with the peace of mind that comes with careful research and advice. Phil came to our homes to offer investment advice on re-structuring two small portfolios, as well as help with completion of the forms. He was patient and answered all of our questions with knowledgeable answers. It has been a good change. Thank you Phil." - Sandra W.

"Although I have very recently entrusted part of my assets to Mr. Jackson, I have had an excellent experience with him in the management of my best friend’s financial assets. His transparency, clarity, and availability at all times, either by phone or in person, have given me much confidence. He has shown to me that he possesses a strong and profound understanding of the financial markets, and he has the ability to translate them to me in clear terms. As a result of that, I have planned to entrust him with the bulk of my assets as they become available." - Oralyn

"My Mother and I have a deep admiration for Phil Jackson following a relationship of trust developed over the past 15 years. Phil has been able to address all our financial requirements. We value his knowledge and willingness to enlist others for our benefit as he guides us through financial decisions. Phil manages both of our financial portfolios and we are confident he will not only take care of but also provide us with recommendations that he believes is in our best interests. He even provides guidance for my company retirement plan so that it matches up to the risk tolerance we have established. As I approach retirement, Phil has prepared and maintained my retirement plan. We review the plan annually which puts my mind at rest. Phil is accessible and will always devote his time to his clients in whatever setting is most convenient to them (i.e. office or home). His one-on-one personal touch and willingness to give of his time to concentrate on our needs is very comforting. Phil is a professional, a good listener and has a sense of humour. Phil has earned our respect for his work ethic and approach so that we remain very satisfied with our overall client experience. Over the years, our portfolios have grown significantly enough to enrich our financial positions. We acknowledge that Phil's experience has enhanced our financial well-being. Thank you Phil, it is a pleasure to work with you!" - Jill & Barbara S.

"Phil Jackson worked with my husband and my financials for many years. He has always returned phone calls promptly and made house calls when needed. Phil has always shown patience and understanding while trying to explain the many questions relating to our portfolios. His expertise has led us to financial prosperity. I would recommend Phil Jackson to anyone who needs a financial advisor. He is a dependable, knowledgeable and a trustworthy man." - Janet D.

"We have been dealing with Phil for over 10 years. He always makes time to discuss our needs and, if requested, will do so at our home. Phil is very timely in terms of his responses to our inquiries. If he does not have the information needed, he will work to obtain it for us. Phil is knowledgeable on a broad range of financial topics and recommends the most suitable option(s) for us." - Gary D.

"It is hard to believe that Phil has been my financial advisor for over a decade. He made the transition from neighbour to friend to financial advisor at an important time in my life, when my bank of some forty years was failing to communicate with me in a timely manner, which contributed to significant losses. I asked Phil to take a look at my portfolio and we discussed my objectives, including some estate planning ideas which he implemented. Even when Phil moved out of the area, he tried extremely hard to maintain regular and ongoing communication with me via phone, email and home visits. Phil always wants to ensure that not only is my portfolio healthy but that I am, too. I know that whenever there is a special occasion, Phil’s cards always show up to recognize it. When vacationing in the area, we are always impressed with Phil’s thoughtfulness when he drops by our cottage with a special “Welcome to the Area Package’. I have never had my banker of forty years do that." - Dan B.