Our Perspective – A Case of Market Flu

17 January, 2019

In this four-minute video, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rana Chauhan, tackles the causes for the recent market volatility, and points out that there is good news that will help see us through this “market flu”.... Read more

Our Perspective – Tune Out the Noise

24 October, 2018

In this client-friendly video, Rana discusses the recent market volatility and puts it into historical perspective. He explains what happened and what Counsel is doing to reduce the impact to investors.... Read more

Building Your Portfolios One Step at a Time

22 November, 2017

Filed Under: Investment Services

Have you ever wondered how your investment portfolios are constructed?... Read more

Common Estate Planning Issues

5 April, 2017

Filed Under: Estate planning

Here is an Investment Executive article I found pertinent when discussing executor duties and estate planning issues with clients.... Read more

Smart Talk About Choosing the Right Insurance

27 March, 2017

Filed Under: Financial Planning

Here is an interesting article outlining why it’s important to understand your options when selecting insurance. The process is a bit daunting but my role is to analyze your particular situation and help you choose the best combination of coverage... Read more